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2015 Fixtures

Weare Giffard "B"

Final  Standing: Div 1 - Played 26,Points 20, Position 11th.


Final Standing: Div 2 - Played 26, Points 21, Position 13th.

Weare Giffard "A"

Final Standing: Div 5 - Played 26, Points 26, Position 9th


Final Standing: Div 4 - Played 26, Points 20, Position 12th.

Squiffy Jiffys

No Fixtures listed as yet.

Where do they play?
Map here.


Men's Teams:
Haystacks: J Chamings:07790313530.
Floppers: D Daniels:01237421606.
Weare Giffard"A": M Dymond:01805624488.
Weare Giffard"B": N Hedden:01237472323.
Women's Teams:
Squiffy Jiffys: Mrs D Horton:01237 479606. Email

How to play Skittles

Rules of skittles

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