Weare Giffard Recreation Ground (The Park)

Weare Giffard Recreation Ground (The Park)

Probably the nicest setting for a children's playground

Weare Giffard Recreation Ground (The Park)

Brand new for 2006 - climbing frame

Weare Giffard and the badger

The increasingly famous badger and her sign

The recreation ground is owned by the village and its maintenance and general running is done through a committee of villagers.

There is an excellent childrens play area with swings for old and younger children, a play-house on the mound, with a climbing frame with short slide, monkey-bars, wobbly bridge and fire-fighters' pole.

The park is also home to the village cricket ground where the cricket club plays its home matches.

From the park there are two lovely woodland walks and it is possible to get to the river edge from the far side of the park. Although BEWARE the river is deep and often fast-flowing. If you are unfamiliar with the park you should not allow children to wander off out of sight.

Where is it? Map here.

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