Weare Giffard History Project

The Story of Weare Giffard

The first book published by History Group

Weare Giffard Illustrated

Followed by a book of the pictures that wouldn’t fit in the first

The project was established in 1999 to conduct research, to record and to publish the history of the parish of Weare Giffard.

The work culminated in the publication of two books. The first ‘The Story of Weare Giffard’ was published to celebrate the millennium and has since sold out.

The second book was published to accommodate the wealth of pictures and illustrations that came to light during and after the productio of the first book. ‘Weare Giffard Illustrated’ is now also out of print. Although rumour has it that there are a few copies left for sale.

One of the main objects of this Weare Giffard website is provide an online medium for the contents of both books; thus making the contents available worldwide to the many people who have family history connections with the village.

Hardly a week goes by without our village archivist (Albie Nickels) being contacted for assistance or information.

The History Project has decided to have a year's break during 2006 having carried out a lot of work in the previous 6 or so years. It is still possible to contact the group but its activities are dormant for this year. They need a break!

The Story of Weare Giffard

The story of Weare Giffard begins here... Gradually during 2006 we hope to have transferred the entire contents of our books to this website.

Where does it meet? Map here.

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