Weare Giffard - Pictures

Over the years there have been many pictures taken, painted and drawn of Weare Giffard.

We will be collecting as many as we can here.

Old Photos

If you have any old photos that you would lend us to scan and return to you, so that we can put them on the website please email Keith Hughes or call him on 01237 475168.

Rest assured we will take great care of them and return them promptly.

New Photos

We also want to show any photos or pictures you have created that show interesting aspects of Weare Giffard or show Weare Giffard or its activities in an interesting way.

Got pictures in digital format already? Then you can send them to us using this form...

Young People's Pictures

Children: we don't just want super-duper perfect pictures - let us have your pictures of Weare Giffard and we'll include them in the gallery as well.

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